One recurring theme of the Council’s efforts is collaboration. The success of our efforts will depend on working with schools, state agencies, and, when it comes to worksite wellness, the Wellness Council of Iowa.

The Healthy Iowa Awards Program recognizes the outstanding achievements of cities/towns, colleges/universities, schools and visionary leaders that have excelled in strengthening preventive health knowledge and skills. These community leaders have promoted health-related community education, fostered coalitions and networks, and influenced policy to create a prevention focused, healthy environment. These programs and initiatives encourage people to move toward healthy, sustainable and measurable outcomes. The Academy for a Healthy Iowa, The Wellness Council of Iowa, and The Governor’s Council of Physical Fitness and Nutrition have established criteria which evaluate the effectiveness, economic efficiency, and feasibility of these interventions’ efforts to promote community health and prevent disease.

The third annual Healthy Iowa Awards banquet will be held in the Fall 2011. Past award winners are:

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