Welcome to the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Nutrition page that addresses quality movement. The Surgeon General recommends at least 60 minutes of daily activity for our youth, including a combination of aerobic activity, strength training and flexibility exercises. The Iowa Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Nutrition wishes to address the quality of that movement as well. Thus the following exercises emphasizes proper body alignment, mechanics, and control, teaching individuals how to move correctly, while ensuring they are aware which muscles are being used.

The first page of each exercise demonstrates proper body position with simple directions next to each picture. The second page gives background information, including:

Learn (or teach) the exercises one at a time. Once you feel confident you are doing the exercise with good form and posture, attempt to complete several repetitions in a row. Aim for 90 seconds. In this time you should be able to complete anywhere from 8-10 repetitions.  All 12 exercises, done in succession will eventually take approximately 20 minutes.

This resource was created by the Council’s subcommittee on physical activity with Dr. Diane Bartholomew and Curtis Linhart serving as primary authors with substantial assistance from John Walling of Des Moines and Bev Ahern of Grundy Center. Special thanks need to be extended to the staff and students of May Goodrell Middle School in Des Moines.