One of the major tasks of the Council was the creation of the Governors’ Physical Fitness Challenge. In this effort the Council focused on partnering with existing efforts. Thus the Governor’s Physical Fitness Challenge will team up with The Iowa Sports Foundation and Live Healthy Iowa Kids in 2010. This resulting effort will be a free 100 Day Challenge for Iowa youth that takes place between January 19th and April 28th. In the past this program has promoted and tracked physical activity. In 2010 participants will celebrate the importance of being physically active, eating healthy, and knowing that fitness is fun!

Youth will compete on teams made up of five to 30 youth and led by an adult team captain. In addition to tracking physical activity, participants will also track healthy behaviors during the 100 days. Each team will receive a wall chart to record minutes of activity and the healthy behaviors/nutrition component. Each team will also receive weekly activities, nutrition tips, and recipes via e-mail and chances to win monthly incentives. Teams that average 4,200 minutes of physical activity for the entire 100 Day Challenge and report their total nutritional intake for each month will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win up to $1,000 to use towards physical activity or wellness efforts! Individuals will also receive a medal from the Governor’s Council in recognition of their efforts.

Last year there were over 480 teams, with a total of 9,587 youth participants. The teams logged over 32 million minutes of activity. In 2010, we hope to tabulate even more individuals, teams, and miles.

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The Governor’s Challenge will focus on individual and team efforts, for broader efforts, the Council will recognize progress based on USDA’s HealthierUS School Challenge criteria.